What new model kit do you want to see most?

Here's your chance to tell us (and, indirectly, kit manufacturers) what you'd like to see produced. Remember the rules:

No reissues, new kits only

Stick to injection-molded plastic kits. No resin kits or accessories, detail packages, decals, conversion sets, etc.

Be reasonable: Try to think of something others might buy, too.

No crusades, no campaigning. Please don't stuff the ballot box.

You are allowed to vote THREE times from this computer. Click on the category and type in the model subject you would like to see. There is a 30-character limit in each box, so please enter in only the subject.

Voting concludes June 6, 2012. Watch for the survey results in the September 2013 issue of FSM!
1/144 Scale Aircraft


1/72 Scale Aircraft


1/48 Scale Aircraft


1/32 Scale Aircraft


1/24 Scale Aircraft


Aircraft in other scales


1/72 Scale Armor


1/48 Scale Armor


1/35 Scale Armor


Armor in other scales


1/700 Scale Boats and Ships


1/350 Scale Boats and Ships


1/200 Scale Boats and Ships


1/72 Scale Boats and Ships


1/35 Scale Boats and Ships


Boats and Ships in other scales


1/24-1/25 Scale Autos and Trucks


Autos and trucks in other scales


Space and science fiction